5 Benefits of Dog Acupuncture

5 Benefits of Dog Acupuncture

With the advancement of medicine, there are new remedies and therapies seemingly every day. Well, sometimes these “new” therapies make their way into veterinary medicine as well. An excellent example of this is acupuncture for dogs.

While some dog owners may be skeptical about getting their dog acupuncture, there are actually numerous benefits. Mainly acupuncture has been seen to help dogs get through pain and inflammation problems. However, there are more benefits to acupuncture for dogs than just inflammation relief.

Here we will be describing the top five benefits that dogs receive when they get acupuncture. We will be explaining some things that you should consider before taking your dog in for acupuncture as well.

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Is There Really Acupuncture for Dogs?

Yes, there is really acupuncture for dogs. It works similarly to acupuncture for humans. A veterinarian specializing in this therapy will gently insert acupuncture needles into your dog’s skin at certain pressure points. They can also utilize lasers in acupuncture, which is painless as well. Like acupuncture for humans, this practice is not supposed to harm the dog in any way.

The 5 Benefits of Dog Acupuncture

There are many benefits of acupuncture in dogs. Mainly these benefits include reduced inflammation and pain, improved digestion, improved hormone regulation, and improvements to other medical conditions in dogs. However, some potential benefits have more concrete evidence than others. Here are the top five benefits of acupuncture for dogs.

1. Dog Acupuncture Can Help Reduce Inflammation

There have been numerous reports stating that acupuncture can reduce inflammation in dogs and humans alike. This can be especially helpful for dogs with medical conditions that cause painful or potentially life-threatening inflammation. Some examples of these types of medical conditions include but are not limited to:

  • Asthma
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Vasculitis
  • Rhinitis
  • Epicondylitis
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 1

Acupuncture reduces the inflammation that these conditions cause, making the dog feel more comfortable as a result.

2. Dog Acupuncture Can Help With Managing Pain

Many scientific studies have explored if acupuncture can help reduce chronic pain in dogs. There is strong evidence suggesting that acupuncture is helpful to dogs that are experiencing chronic pain.

This is particularly true of dogs with painful conditions such as arthritis and joint disorders. Some vets have even suggested that acupuncture may also help dogs manage pain after surgery. This benefit is mostly due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the acupuncture process.

3. Dog Acupuncture Can Help With Hormone Regulation

In addition to managing pain and inflammation, some research studies have also found that acupuncture can help regulate a dog’s hormones. As you can probably imagine, this can be very helpful for dogs with conditions that cause hormones to be left unregulated.

4. Dog Acupuncture Can Help Improve Digestion

It has also been found that acupuncture can help improve a dog’s digestion. Not only does acupuncture reduce inflammation that can cause digestive issues, but research also suggests that acupuncture can help get a dog’s digestive system working.

This mainly works because acupuncture has been shown to help stimulate stomach secretions in dogs. This gets the digestive system working properly again.

5. Dog Acupuncture Can Help Improve Some Medical Conditions

Any medical condition in dogs that involves inflammation or digestive issues can be improved through acupuncture. This includes common conditions like allergies, dermatitis, arthritis, and hip dysplasia. These are not the only conditions that could potentially be improved by acupuncture, though. If you are interested in getting acupuncture for your dog, then asking your vet about the process is a good idea!

Are There Side Effects of Acupuncture in Dogs?

There are not any reported serious side effects of acupuncture in dogs. In fact, the procedure should be completely painless, and many dog owners report that their dogs appear physically relaxed when getting acupuncture done.

However, it may be possible for your dog to experience some tingles or numb feelings temporarily. This is suggested because it is reported in some people that receive acupuncture. To eliminate risk, it is always best to only take your dog to a licensed veterinarian that is also licensed to perform acupuncture on dogs.

Things to Consider Before Taking Your Dog to Get Acupuncture

There are some other things that dog owners may want to consider before taking their dog to get acupuncture. These things include your dog’s health and the credentials that the veterinary acupuncturist has. Here are the things to consider about acupuncture for dogs.

Your Dog’s Health

The health of your dog is always an important consideration before starting any new treatment. There are a couple of reasons why this is important. To start off, you will want to make sure that acupuncture will actually help your dog’s condition. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time and money. Asking your vet if they believe that acupuncture could help your pet is a good idea.

Additionally, you will also want to make sure that acupuncture will not be dangerous to your dog. Although acupuncture has few side effects, some dogs may be at risk. Asking a vet about if your pet is eligible for acupuncture is a great idea as well.

The Credentials of the Acupuncturist

It is also crucial that you look at the credentials of the acupuncturist before letting them treat your dog. Acupuncturists that work on dogs should always be licensed veterinarians. They should also have specialized training in acupuncture and official certification stating that the vet has received this training.

Finding a Vet That Performs Acupuncture

Your general veterinarian may know a colleague that performs acupuncture on dogs. But, how do you find an acupuncturist if your vet does not have a referral? The good news is most people just need to do a quick google search to find a licensed veterinarian that performs acupuncture in their area. Most of the time these vets are a part of a private practice or large veterinary hospital, and they do not usually require referrals to be seen.

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