Meet Our Team

Whitney Veterinary Hospital is so proud to have team members who all share the same love and passion for making and keeping pets well. You can learn more about them below.

Hospital Management

barb2Barb King, Practice Manager

Barb originally joined Whitney’s in 1985 to do the payroll on a part-time basis. Her responsibilities have evolved and changed many times as the business has grown from one doctor with 4 support staff to four doctors and a staff of 18. 

She works with Dr. Hayes to make sure that the business part of the practice runs smoothly, which allows our amazing team of veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians, assistants, and receptionists to do what they love best – take excellent care of our patients and our clients.     

Barb’s days are filled with a variety of responsibilities ranging from employee scheduling to budgeting and from maintenance to marketing. Her assistant, Aly, is very talented and assists daily in all the tasks of running our busy veterinary hospital. We continue to look for new and better ways to serve our patients and clients. Our affiliation with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has made it possible to have their support and direction in order to ensure that we are offering excellence in every aspect of our patient and client care.

Barb is a member of the Veterinary Hospital Manager’s Association (VHMA) and a management member of AAHA. She completed three sections of the Veterinary Management Institute at Purdue, and attends a variety of veterinary management and other business related meetings each year. 

She loves to travel, especially with her two sisters, and to spend time with her husband, Sonny, and their adult son, Tom. She enjoys reading, drawing, jewelry making, lunch with friends, decorating, and Pinterest. She leads an adult Sunday school class at her church.

aly2Aly, Client Care Coordinator and Assistant to the Practice Manager

Aly has a desire to make a difference in the lives of her co-workers, our clients, and their pets. Originally a client, in 2012 she responded to an opening for a receptionist and quickly advanced to overseeing our customer service team. She has a heart for providing the best and most caring service possible.

Aly makes sure that our customer service is top-notch and that things run smoothly “behind the scenes.” She is great at anticipating the needs of the team and of our clients and patients. Aly is a talented problem solver and is quick to help in any way needed. She was essential in our project of going paper-lite as well as helping with planning for and carrying out our move to a new hospital.

She is very familiar with our software and hardware and trains others. She takes care of numerous tasks including accounts payable and receivable, reminders, prepares for employee birthdays, holiday parties, and special events.

Aly and her husband, Tony, live in the country with their four kids who happen to be dogs, Nadia a German shepherd; Emmy a Cavachon; Oscar, a Shih Tzu mix; and Mena, a Cavachon/Shi Tzu mix. Aly and Tony enjoy spending time together, working outside and on their home. She also loves to be with extended family.

Our Certified Veterinary Technicians & Technician

We have an amazing team of C.V.T.s with varied interests, skills, and talents who have enabled us to grow and change and to continually improve. We are very proud and appreciative of all of them!   

bunnyBunny, C.V.T.

Bunny is a 2001 graduate of Parkland College, where she received her Certification in Veterinary Technology. She especially enjoys ultrasonography, endoscopy, and radiology. She loves behavior problems, client education, and patient care for all pets, whether they are young, seniors, healthy, or sick.

Bunny enjoys anything outdoors, including hiking, camping, and gardening. She also trains and competes in agility with her dogs. Her home includes Ziva and River, both German shepherds; Lanie, a rescued mixed breed dog; and two cats, Pewter and Seyma.

jillbJill B., C.V.T.

Jill loves the science behind veterinary medicine. She graduated from Parkland College in Champaign, earning her Certification in Veterinary Technology in 2005. She enjoys working with our clients and helping them care for their pets.

Her special interests include orthopedic surgery, physical rehabilitation, and dentistry as well as assisting in surgery, ultrasound, and endoscopy. Jill is an excellent problem solver and, along with the entire tech team, enabled us to going paper-light before moving to our new hospital.

Jill enjoys reading, boating, shopping, and spending time with her family. Her home includes her husband, Adam; son, Austin; daughter, Avery; and their golden retriever, Chesney.

jillcJill C., C.V.T.

Jill joined us in 1995 as a new graduate of the C.V.T. program at Parkland College. Now working part-time, her main focus is assisting with appointments, but her heart is as a feline advocate. She worked with Dr. Roe to have our hospital certified as a Cat Friendly Practice® so that our feline patients get the special care they need. Jill has an artistic side, and all of the employee pet portraits seen throughout our hospital are an example of her talent.

Jill’s family includes her husband, Nate, and children, Nathan, Logan, and Teagan. They have three dogs and many cats. She is a busy mom, is involved with the St. Jude Children’s Hospital Run, and volunteers at her children’s schools. She is also a licensed real estate agent.

kaleyKaley, C.V.T.

While working as a technician assistant, Kaley attended the online AAHA certified C.V.T. program through Cedar Valley College in Texas. Dr. Hayes was her mentor along with our C.V.T. Jill B., who helped her to successfully graduate in 2016. She knows the struggles of having a pet with allergies, and her favorite areas are dermatology and cytology. She likes helping our patients and their owners to get the best veterinary care. She also enjoys dentistry. Kaley is certified in Fear FreeSM patient care, which helps each visit to go smoothly for both pets and their owners.   

Kaley is married to her husband Eric, and they enjoy hiking, playing Frisbee, and doing agility with Peyton, their Labrador. They also share their home with Lily, a fun loving white cat. Kaley is a talented photographer and has taken many pictures for our practice.

LoriLori, C.V.T.

Lori graduated from Parkland College in 1997 and joined our practice in 1996 while still a student. She also has a degree in business. Lori does an amazing job of ordering and keeping track of our inventory and supplies. She almost always finds just what we need. Along with her technician duties, she has a lot of varied responsibilities, so every day brings a new adventure. Her interests include but are not limited to behavior, dermatology, radiology, and nutrition. 

Lori shares her home with her husband, Mack, and two miniature poodles, Shelton and Spencer, who both enjoy agility, hiking, and traveling with their mom and dad. She also has two fathead Persians, Sedrick and Sparrow, who run the house. Lori loves traveling, spending time with her family and friends, painting, picking antiques, and country music.    

staceyStacey, C.V.T.

Stacey joined us in 2007 as a new graduate of Parkland College’s Certified Veterinary Technician Program. She has always had a love for animals and a desire to care for them. Stacey is a busy multitasker and an excellent patient & client care advocate. She has a special interest in orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation, and dermatology. Stacey is great at anticipating the needs of our clients and doctors. She helped with planning for the move to our new hospital.

Stacey’s home includes her husband, Jesse, who loves all sports—especially baseball—and a son, Dominic, a busy little boy. They are expecting another child soon. They also have two dogs, Riot and Riggs, both high energy boys who love hiking and swimming. Their cat, Toby, loves a comfy spot to curl up and sleep. Stacey is a hiker and a runner and has competed in local races with fellow techs and doctors. She enjoys anything that involves the outdoors.

ErikaErika, Technician

Erika joined us in 2004. She loves animals and everything medical. She has studied some vet tech courses online through Cedar Valley College. Erika works part-time for us and enjoys patient care and client education. When she is not here she works full-time as a certified massage therapist/corrective exercise specialist.

Erika served in the Army National Guard & Ready Reserve for eight years. She enjoys running, training her dogs, and photography. Erika and her husband, Josh, have two Rottweilers, Bruce and Beatrix, who enjoy rally obedience, agility, and anything that involves a ball. They also have two rescued kitties, Chewbacca and Miles.

Technician Assistants

GraceGrace, Tech Assistant

Grace joined us in February of 2016 and is currently pursuing an online program to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. She has had a passion for animals all of her life and is happiest when helping with their care. Grace assists with patient care and is always ready to lend a hand when needed. 

Grace’s pet family includes a dachshund named Oscar and a Silver Labrador named Beau, along with two cats, Lucy and Callie. She has lived in Sparland her entire life. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. 

Ashleigh, Tech Assistant

Ashleigh joined us in April of 2017 with experience as a kennel assistant, receptionist, and technician from another animal hospital. She has always had a desire to work with animals. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and has completed her Masters of Beef Advocacy Program from Southern Illinois University. Her goal now is to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. She has been a great help and is willing to work in any area where she is needed.

Originally from Metamora, Ashleigh lives in Roanoke with husband Nathan and daughter Ava. Her fur baby is a cat named Sydney, which she helped rescue. Anything outdoors is where she’ll be–hunting, fishing, hiking, or just hanging out on her deck. Being outdoors and working with animals has always been and will always be her passion.

Our Customer Service Team

Our compassionate and dedicated customer service team is ready to welcome you and to make sure that you and your pet are well taken care of at every visit. 

corrieCorrie, Receptionist 

Corrie joined us as a receptionist in 2012. She has a great love for animals and enjoys welcoming and visiting with our clients and their “fur” babies and giving them special attention. She anticipates the needs of our clients and makes sure that each visit to our hospital is special.

Corrie has one daughter, Melody. They have a Manx cat named Fievel who loves being outside or cuddling with any human available. They also have a Staffordshire Terrier named Rey, a Chihuahua named Isabella and a Persian cat named Cookie. Corrie loves running, hiking, fitness, bird watching, and anything outdoors.

jessicaJessica, Receptionist

Jessica’s love for animals drew her to apply for a receptionist position with us in June of 2016. Prior to joining us, she had eight years of customer service experience. She loves to greet our clients and patients, to keep things organized, and to make each visit special for our clients.

Jessica and her boyfriend Daniel have three cats, Barnaby, Azazel and a 3-legged cat named Kit Kat. They all love food, wrestling, long cuddles, and the nature channel. Jessica and Daniel also love to play board and video games, and watch favorite TV shows and new movies with friends.

tamiTami, Receptionist

Tami is a people person who loves to warmly greet our clients and their pets. She has a great love for animals and enjoys seeing all the different breeds and personalities. She is very compassionate and understanding. She gives hugs, kisses, and pats, and she treats each pet as if they were her own.

Tami is married to Randy, and they have one adult daughter, Morgan, who is in nurse’s training. They have two cats, Romeo and Gracie, and two dogs, Kaci and Tuck. Tami and her husband love fishing and relaxing at the beach.