Wellness Exams for Pets in Peoria, IL

Pets are family, and just like the human members of a family, pets need regular wellness care to be sure they’re healthy. At Whitney Veterinary Hospital, we offer a number of wellness exams and services to keep all of your canine and feline companion pets healthy through every life stage. Our goal is help your four-legged friend live the longest, healthiest life possible. Whether it’s chasing Frisbees or watching squirrels, we want your pet to be around for a long time to do the things they love. To accomplish that goal, we recommend the following services:

Pet Wellness Exams

For optimal care, all of your canine and feline companions should see a veterinarian at least once a year for a pet wellness visit. Each visit typically includes:

  • A nose-to-tail assessment
  • Documentation of health changes, if any
  • Treatment or advanced diagnostic recommendations, if necessary
  • Discussion of at-home health care, including diet and exercise
  • Recommendations for parasite prevention
  • Vaccinations, if due

For senior pets, we typically recommend bi-annual exams to accommodate the changes that come with age. Diabetes, arthritis, and thyroid issues are just a few of the diseases for which senior pets tend to be at risk. We also recommend senior blood work to detect changes in health that may not be obvious. 

Dog & Cat Vaccinations

Keeping your pet vaccinated protects them from a number of serious viruses and diseases, including:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper (dogs)
  • Parvovirus (dogs)
  • Hepatitis (dogs)
  • Panleukopenia (cats)
  • Calicivirus (cats)
  • Rhinotracheitis (cats)

There are both core (essential) and non-core (optional) vaccines for dogs and cats. Depending on your pet’s lifestyle and risk of exposure to certain diseases, we may recommend some non-core vaccines, in addition to the ones mentioned above. These may include the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine for dogs and the feline leukemia vaccine for cats. Typically, vaccines need to be updated every 1-3 years to be remain effective.

Veterinarian checking a dog's weight

Pet Parasite Prevention

Both outdoor and indoor pets can come in contact with certain parasites/vectors like fleas and mosquitoes. That’s why it’s so important for you to keep your canine or feline companion protected with a year-round parasite preventive. There are many medications available that can provide protection against:

  • Heartworms (caused by infected mosquitoes)
  • Roundworms and hookworms
  • Fleas and ticks