Rehabilitation for Dogs and Cats in Peoria, IL: Helping Pets Overcome Challenges 

Caring for a pet that’s recovering from an injury, suffering from arthritis, or attempting to lose weight can be challenging and stressful. At Whitney Veterinary Hospital in Peoria, our goal is to make these situations as manageable as possible for both pets and their owners. We understand how much your four-legged family member means to you, which is why we’re pleased to offer pet rehabilitation and orthopedic services to our patients.

Rehabilitation for dogs and cats involves diagnosing, treating, and managing musculoskeletal problems that are painful and can limit your pet’s activity. With our rehabilitation services, we hope to improve the functionality and quality of life for many patients suffering from these debilitating conditions.

Dog Rehabilitation in Peoria, IL

Our Pet Rehabilitation Services 

To provide our patients with the most complete care possible, we offer a broad range of pet rehabilitation services. These include:

  • Laser therapy
  • Exercise protocols
  • In-patient treatment
  • Post-operative recovery plans
  • Weight management
  • Conditioning programs
  • Arthroscopy
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP)

Pet Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a minimally-invasive procedure in which the joint, particularly the stifle, is examined using an arthroscope that’s inserted through a small incision. This gives your veterinarian the ability to check for damage and accurately diagnose your pet’s problem—whether it be a joint disorder, a torn ACL, a torn meniscus, arthritis, etc. Once a diagnosis has been made, we can proceed with the appropriate treatments. In some cases, arthroscopic surgery may be necessary to correct the issue.

Dog at his rehabilitation appointment

We’re Equipped to Meet Your Pet’s Rehabilitative Needs

Dr. Hayes is certified in dog rehabilitation, arthroscopy, and stem cell treatments for the purpose of helping companion animals live as actively and comfortably as possible. Each case is different, which means that your veterinarian may utilize one treatment, or they may utilize several in conjunction to produce the best results. Treatment protocol depends on your pet’s personal needs, and the manner in which they respond to treatment.

Whitney Veterinary Hospital’s mission is to provide for pets in as many areas of veterinary medicine as possible. We’re proud to have the expertise and equipment required for handling rehabilitation cases. If your pet is suffering from limited mobility and severe discomfort, please call us today at (309) 685-4707 to schedule a consultation.