Everything You Need to Know About Dog Acupuncture in Peoria, IL

In the western world, it is most common to treat pain and ailments with what we think of as traditional medication. Pills, syrups, topical products are prescribed to restore the body back to its healthy state. In recent years, both humans and their pets are turning away from these pharmaceuticals and looking for a more natural option.

Dog acupuncture in Peoria, IL

For centuries, the Chinese have been practicing acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient method that utilizes special needles and inserts them into the body in precise locations. These locations are where nerve endings, lymphatics, and blood vessels converge and are called meridians. Meridians are energy channels that guide energy throughout the body.

How Does Dog Acupuncture Work in Peoria, IL?

When the needle is placed into the skin, it opens up the flow of energy, or chi, in the meridian that was blocked.  This allows for improved blood circulation, stimulation of the nervous system, and the release of pain-relieving substances in your dog’s body. When the chi is blocked, energy cannot flow, and you have a surplus of energy on one side and a deficiency on the other.

In the animal world, there is even an organization that is dedicated to acupuncture. It’s called the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. They believe in promoting natural alternative medicine to pets just like humans have. They even have a course for veterinarians to take that covers using herbal medicine. Eastern practices are becoming more of a norm for humans, so it’s natural that people are wanting their pets to benefit from the same resources that they are.

Does Acupuncture Work for Dogs in Peoria, IL?

The number for veterinarians in Peoria, IL offering this practice is growing, but how do we know it works?

It’s important to note that this form of healing has been around since ancient times. It would not have lasted all of these centuries if there wasn’t some truth to its success. Even modern medicine uses dry needling, which is almost the same as acupuncture. The only difference is that dry needling does not utilize the life force of the chi.

Veterinarians don’t specifically discuss the chi in their acupuncture practice. The International Veterinary Acupuncture Society states that the needles cause a release of endorphins from the brain and this promotes healing.

Benefits of Dog Acupuncture in Peoria, IL

There are many different reasons to try acupuncture for dogs that provide a variety of great benefits for your pet.

Some of the benefits of dog acupuncture include:

Reduces Pain

Because of the endorphins that are released from the nervous system, your dog will feel his pain subside. It has a similar effect of any painkiller pill, but none of the negative side effects.

Examples of pain that could be reduced would be if your dog sprains an ankle or has arthritis.

Helps Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

Another more preventative reason to take your dog for an acupuncture session in Peoria would be to assist in boosting her immune system.

Some dogs show that acupuncture increases their white blood cell count which can assist in preventing infections. The increase in blood circulation also provides more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. An improvement in your dog’s immune system, especially as she gets older, can help keep her healthy and happy as she ages.

Reduces Inflammation

Acupuncture is also known to reduce inflammation by the release of endorphins. Many humans use acupuncture as a treatment for allergies because it brings down the inflammation and symptoms are reduced. The same occurs in pets.

If your pet needs dog allergy treatment and you want to try something other than shots or pills, acupuncture may be a great route for you and your pup.

Helps Relax Muscles

There may come a time when your dog gets injured or becomes so stressed that his muscles are tense and tight, causing pain. Acupuncture is known to relax muscles through, you guessed it, the release of endorphins. By placing the needle in specific locations, there will be better oxygenation and improved nutrient absorption in the cells. This leads to muscle relaxation and faster muscle repair.

Doesn’t Cause Negative Reactions

A positive to consider when looking at acupuncture for your dog in Peoria is that is doesn’t affect any current medications or cause negative reactions.

If your dog is taking a pill to reduce his pain and the pain isn’t going away, the next solution would be to increase the amount of medication you’re giving him. Some pain medications have terrible side effects.

By utilizing acupuncture, there aren’t any added negative effects and it won’t mess with current medications. Another positive is that other than the possible discomfort when the needle is inserted, acupuncture is completely safe. It’s kind of a no harm, no foul scenario if you don’t personally see a benefit in your dog.

Helps with a Variety of Health Problems

This service has also been known to help with some health problems that can potentially rise in dogs.

Some of the health issues that have been helped by dog acupuncture include:

Again, the reason you see a benefit is because endorphins are being released, blood circulation is improved, and more oxygen is in the blood and being utilized.

Making an Appointment for Acupuncture for Your Dog in Peoria, IL

In order to find a veterinarian in Peoria who uses dog acupuncture near you, the internet is your best resource.

It’s also important to note that if could take a couple of sessions before you notice an improvement. For humans, some notice a huge difference after one session and some it takes more. It’s the same with dogs. If you’re open to trying something holistic for your pup, acupuncture could be a great start.

At Whitney Veterinary Hospital, our team will answer any and all questions you have about dog acupuncture and will help you decide if this service would be best for your pet.