Puppy Potty Training in Peoria, IL: What You Need to Know

Puppy potty training takes an enormous amount of patience. It is the first step toward you and your dog having a beautiful friendship. Everyone in the house is happier when your puppy knows the rules about where to go potty. It can be a bit of a process, but you will soon see that it was worth the effort.

Puppy potty training in Peoria, IL

Sometimes potty training can be difficult; however, there is some valuable information below that can help.

How Long Does it Take to Potty Train a Puppy in Peoria, IL?

The average time it takes to completely potty train a puppy in Peoria is around four to six months. In some cases, it might even take up to a year.

You should begin to potty train your puppy when they are 8 to 12 weeks old. You must stick to a schedule and be consistent and patient.

They will learn that you will let them outside to go potty when you wake up and take a break in the day. In the beginning, you will need to take your puppy out more often because their small bladder does not allow them to wait as long.

7 Helpful Tips for Puppy Potty Training in Peoria, IL

Some helpful puppy potty training tips to keep in mind include:

Be Direct in Your Teachings

The more you participate, the better your puppy will respond to you teaching them. You have to look at them and treat them like a child to understand and learn.

Spend Time with Your Puppy During the Process

Take time to spend with your new puppy and walk them through house training.

Set Timers for When to Go Outside

Set a time on your phone when you want to take your puppy out to go potty. Aim for consistency and try to take them out every day at the same time.

Incorporating Crate Training

If, for some reason, you cannot be there when you are expected to take your puppy out, try incorporating crate training into the potty training process. It is not imprisoning your dog; it is a safe place for your puppy to sleep. The goal, however, is to teach them to hold it until you can let them out.

Walk the Same Path When Going Outside

Use the same path whenever going outside. Your puppy will often choose the spot they want to relieve themselves. Going to the same place every time reinforces a pattern, and the dog will associate the area with going potty.

Establish Consistent Commands

When your puppy has picked their spot, use a command like “go potty.” Repeat this each time they go to their chosen location. They will eventually learn that it is time to eliminate their urine or stool.

Reward Your Puppy for Good Behavior

Reward your puppy with a treat and a pat on the head when they successfully go potty outside. Once they start to learn that they will get a reward for following the rules, they will be motivated to please you.

Don’t Use Negative Reinforcement if Your Puppy Has Accidents

A very important puppy potty training tip is to not chastise your dog for having an accident. This reaction will only teach the dog to fear you. Instead, keep practicing with them until they comprehend what they need to do.

When it comes to potty training your puppy in Peoria, if you teach them with love, they will learn when and where is the appropriate place to go potty. Remember to be patient and steady, and you and your puppy will succeed together.

Are There Puppy Breeds that are More Difficult to Potty Train in Peoria, IL?

Potty training your puppy may also depend on the specific breed and your dog’s temperament. Some puppy breed personalities can make them a bit more difficult to potty train. Before choosing a puppy, make sure you research different breeds so you can choose the perfect one for you.

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During the entire potty training process, you must remember to always be tolerant and compassionate with your puppy, and you will see results. Potty training is your first opportunity to teach your dog that the two of you make a great team! Every puppy is different, so finding the best plan and schedule for you and your dog will prove to be extremely valuable and helpful.

For more information, or if you’re looking for additional advice about puppy potty training, it’s always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian in Peoria, IL. At Whitney Veterinary Hospital, our team will work with you on helping develop the best ways to train your puppy. Call us today at (309) 685-4707 or schedule an appointment with us to get started.